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LWG Traceability Working Group (TrWG)

The LWG Traceability Working Group (TRWG) was launched in 2020 to:

  1. Define what traceability means on country level, including: deforestation, animal welfare, and the predominant regional slaughter type
  2. Understand what traceability needs to achieve and what the priorities are
  3. Establish what solutions exist to facilitate better traceability
  4. Define a way to assess and measure the requirements in the protocol
  5. Improve traceability along the value chain, primarily through phasing requirements into the audit protocol

LWG Environmental Impact Working Group (EIWG)

The LWG Environmental Impact Working Group (EIWG) was launched in 2021, designed to as a platform for engagement and education on the environmental impact of leather, as well as investigating ways to reduce the impact of the leather value chain. The group has spearheaded several important projects, including the LWG Lifecycle Assessment (LCA) study.

LWG Technical Sub-Group (TSG)

The LWG Technical Sub-Group (TSG) exists to create, develop and review the LWG Audit Standards and all other technical content regarding their scope. TSG members are appointed on the basis of technical experience.