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LWG-certified facilities are leaders in responsible leather production

LWG offers certification through one of four audit standards, developed in collaboration with the leather industry. Leather manufacturers, subcontractors and commissioning manufacturers are certified based on the impact of their production. Traders with their own warehouses can be certified based on their ability to provide line of sight within the leather supply chain. 

Our community represents the largest single leather-focused group in the world, joined together through the shared goal of reducing the environmental impact of leather production on people and the planet. 

Who can get certified?

  • Leather manufacturers
  • Leather traders (with a warehouse)
  • Subcontractors
  • Commissioning manufacturers

What are the benefits of LWG certification?

Have an influence

Make your voice heard and help to shape the future direction of our organization and our auditing standards.

Strengthen your reputation

Achieving LWG certification demonstrates your business's commitment to sustainable and transparent leather production. With an LWG certificate, you can enhance your reputation in the market and grow your business.

Access information & expertise

Certified suppliers have access to LWG's dedicated team for input and support on a range of issues related to the LWG Audit Standards and techical projects.

Join events & webinars

Learn more about the LWG Audit Standards at our exclusive conferences, webinars, and virtual training sessions.

Connect with our community

Grow your customer base, share ideas, and and discuss best practises with over 1,600 businesses in a pre-competitive environment.

How to become LWG certified

If your business wants to achieve LWG certification, follow the steps below to get started.

To understand what is required and to help prepare for the audit, you can take the FREE Tannery of the Future survey, which mirrors the Leather Manufacturer Standard. Then, you may need time to implement the feedback from the survey throughout your business. And finally, once your business is prepared for the audit, you need to contact an LWG Approved Auditor directly and arrange for an audit.

If you feel you need extra preparation for an audit, you can contact LWG Approved Auditors directly for additional consultation such as a pre-audit.