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Leather Working Group has had traceability goals at it’s core since we first started our work in 2005, with our ambitions set high to achieve our aim of 100% deforestation and conversion free leather by 2030 here’s what members can do to play a part: 

  • Join the Traceability Working Group  

  • Join one of our traceability steering committees across specialist topics of 

    • Deforestation
    • Chain of Custody development
    • Regional traceability
  • Participate in surveys and consultations on the development of our traceability assessment and due diligence requirements in the LWG standards 

  • Collaborate and partner with us to drive innovation and progress in traceability for leather 

Find out more on key supply chain due diligence impact areas:

 Deforestation due diligence           Animal welfare 


Get involved today

For more information and to get involved with Leather Working Group on tracability in the leather supply chain, please get in touch.

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