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Start your journey to LWG certification

Your business can be certified if you manufacture or trade leather. Since 2005, we have designed standards to certify all actors in the supply chain, from rawhide to finished leather, covering micro-enterprises to large tanneries. In fact, the majority of our members are small leather manufacturers.

If your business is a leather manufacturer, leather trader, commissioning manufacturer, or subcontractor, your organization is eligible to achieve LWG Certification. In order to qualify for certification, your business will need to be audited by an LWG Approved Auditor.

We understand your business

At Leather Working Group, we know ‘one standard’ doesn’t fit all. So, that’s why we designed four audit standards to meet the assessment needs of different operations within the leather production chain. These four LWG standards cover raw material traders through to leather manufacturers and subcontractors, to traders of finished material:

How to become LWG certified

If your business wants to achieve LWG certification, follow the four steps below to get started.

First, you need to complete the online registration form on our website. Next, to understand what is required and to help prepare for the audit, you can take the FREE Tannery of the Future survey, which mirrors the Leather Manufacturer Standard. Then, you may need time to implement the feedback from the survey throughout your business. And finally, once your business is prepared for the audit, you need to contact an LWG Approved Auditor directly and arrange for an audit.

If you feel you need extra preparation for an audit, you can contact LWG Approved Auditors directly for additional consultation such as a pre-audit.