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Subscription Members

The work of the Leather Working Group is possible only with the revenue from the subscriptions that are paid by our brand/retailer, supplier, agent trader, association, and product manufacturer members on an annual basis. It is important to recognise that without the support of these membership fees, our group would not be able to finance itself and continue to develop and grow.

Subscriptions are based on company turnover and our current bandings are:


0 - 250 million $2,500 per year
250 million - 1 billion $4,500 per year
1 billion - 3 billion $7,500 per year
3 billion - 5 billion $14,000 per year
5 billion + $17,000 per year


It is important that brands and retailers who wish to use the LWG programme for their supply chains commit to membership of the group and contribute financially. The group cannot support non-member brands to engage suppliers without membership.


Audited Members

Companies that are eligible for an audit (Leather Manufacturers, Traders, Subcontractors & Commissioning Manufacturers) pay an audit fee to an LWG Approved Auditor. This revenue is not received by the Leather Working Group, except for a $200 USD levy per audit (equivalent to $100 USD per year).

Audited Members are granted membership of the group upon achieving certification, following a successful audit by an LWG Approved Auditor. They do not pay an additional subscription fee to join LWG.