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In recognition of the complexity of the leather supply chain, we launched this audit standard to provide certification to companies which buy and own leather, but use subcontractors to complete all operations: known as a 'Commissioning Manufacturer'. 

The LWG Commissioning Manufacturer Audit Standard requires that a company must have their entire production chain audited and certified by LWG. 

Whether they subcontract out the production to a full scope leather manufacturer (that has been audited via the LWG Leather Manufacturer Audit Standard) or to a series of seperate companies each completing some  operations (that have been audited via the  LWG Subcontractor Audit Standardl) – all members of the production chain must be audited.


The LWG Commissioning Manufacturer Audit Standard was designed to assess companies that:

Commissioning Manufacturers can be awarded a Medal Rating in the same way that leather manufacturers audited using the LWG Leather Manufacturer Audit Standard are.

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Audit Scope

The LWG Commissioning Manufacturer Audit Standard was designed to asses the production process of a company that does not carry out any of their own manufacturing processes, but rather uses a series of subcontractors.

Certification validity: 24-months
Award: Medal Rating

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