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The LWG Executive Committee (EC) makes crucial decisions about the strategy and direction of the Leather Working Group, representing the interests of our entire membership base. The EC works to achieve our ultimate aim of a fully sustainable and responsible leather industry, build on information and transparency.

As the group's governing body, the Executive Committee is also responsible for the creation of dedicated subgroups, which advise them on specific topics. The current LWG Sub-Groups include:

Members of the LWG Executive Committee

Leather Manufacturers

PrimeAsia Leather Co.
Ian Scher (Chair)

Until September 2023

Industrias del Curtido
Silvino Navarro

Until September 2024

ECCO Leather B.V.
Thomas Gregor

Until September 2025

Gruppo Mastrotto
Renata Sartori

Until April 2026

Brands & Retailers

Hugues Pichon
Until April 2024

Tempe Inditex
German Garcia Ibañez
Until April 2024

Hernan de Santis
Until September 2024

VF Corporation
Jon Hopper
September 2025



TFL Ledertechnik GmbH
Dietrich Tegtmeyer
Until April 2025









The LWG Executive Committee exists to guide the development of the group. The EC holds monthly conference calls and meets twice per year to discuss:

  • Project strategies, progress and review of agreed milestones 

  • Review of Executive Committee structure, appointment and rotation 

  • Review of budgets and projected spend 

  • Annual review and sign off accounts 


To join the LWG Executive Committee, a company must:

  • Have been a Member of LWG for at least 3 years 

  • Have attended at least 3 of the previous 5 LWG Member Meetings/Webinars

EC Members are elected to a 48-month term (4 years) and are eligible to serve for a total of two consecutive terms.

After two terms, the EC Member is required to step down and cannot re-nominate for at least 12 months.