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Telephone 0034 6547 17149

Marivi holds a Phd in Chemical, Nuclear and Environmental Engineering by Universidad Politécnica de Valencia and she completed her Leather Technology training at University of Cincinnati. Marivi is a Professor in Universidad Politécnica de Valencia where she is part of the Security, Radiophisic and Environmental Institute (ISIRYM) as a researcher and has published many publications and spoken at many conferences.

Marivi has more than 17 years of experience in the leather industry developing her career in key departments such as; beamhouse, tanning and dying as well as being the Head of R&D, Quality and Environmental department. She also has a large understanding of clean technology applications, water consumption management in tanneries and effluent treatment processes for tanneries. Her main studies are based on alternatives of chrome-free skins, reuse of tanning baths and use of by-products for the food industry.

Marivi is also an IEMA Qualified Lead Auditor ISO 14001:2015. To check Marivi’s availability for an audit please click the link here to send Marivi an email at: