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Joined the leather industry as a trainee Leather Technologist in 1977, worked in every department of the tannery and took classes at night school initially over the course of 2 years.  Educated at the British School of Leather Technology following that (at Nene College, now ICLT, Northampton University, UK).  Has extensive experience at all levels of tannery operations and management.  Many years working in consulting and project work, both as Senior Leather Technologist, Worldwide Consulting Division while at BLC Leather Technology Centre and up to the present day running an independent consulting company, Avery Leather Consulting Ltd delivering a diverse range of industry project work, from Government survey and value chain analysis to factory design and layout from scratch or improvement and re-planning of existing facilities, training and technology transfer have also been very important.   

Working internationally with private clients, industry bodies and national and international agencies, NGOs and Government Departments of Industry and / or The Environment, the range of project work is extensive.  A full and comprehensive CV is available as a PDF download on the “profile” page of the ALC website.  Manufacturing best practice and process efficiency always figure in the work and having run a project while at BLC to devise the very first Environmental Process-Auditing Protocol for tanneries some years ago has opened the door to Leather Working Group activities.   

More details are available on the ALC Ltd “Leather Working Group“ page. Additionally qualified as “Lead Auditor” for International Environmental Standard ISO14001:2015.  With over 45 years in the industry, being a Fellow of the Society of Leather Technologists and Chemists and Past President of the Society (2006 – 2008) knowledge and experience are assured.   To contact John and discuss auditing directly by email, please follow the link or use the contact phone numbers from the ALC Ltd website.