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Alfredo Espantaleon is a leather professional with more than 20 years of experience in several tanneries in Spain, with responsibilities ranging from raw material and chemicals sourcing, to process control and development, from beamhouse to finishing department, from R+D and quality control labs to management of solid wastes and WWTP. He has served in all the critical departments in the technological areas of the tannery.

Alfredo holds a Degree in Chemistry and a Masters in Integrated Management of Quality, Environment and Occupational Health. He is also an expert, at Masters level, in Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Recently, he has obtained an Environmental Lead Auditor qualification, in ISO 14001:2015, recognised by the European Organisation for Quality, and he is LWG Approved Auditor since January 2018.

In the past six years, he has been developing CSR plans and strategies for chemicals producers, as well as consultancy work in an international environment, for tanneries in Russia, Kazakhstan, China and Mongolia.

With more than 15 publications in journals and congresses, he is an active communicator interested in float recycling, waste minimisation, and even in operations research, in order to help make better decisions in the tannery.

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