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25 April 2024


World Leather Day was inaugurated by Leather Working Group in collaboration with Leather Naturally to celebrate the long-lasting beauty of leather and its place in a circular economy.The theme for this year’s celebration is “Repair, Reuse, Repurpose” emphasising the long-lasting, repairable, and versatile qualities of leather that make it a responsible material choice for a circular society.

Recycling of leather waste or repurposing leather items into new products or materials helps close the loop and minimise waste generation.

Repairing and reusing leather goods can bring economic benefits to individuals, businesses, and communities. It allows consumers to extend the life of their leather items, which means they spend and consume less. For businesses, offering repair services or making reused leather products can open new sources of revenue and promote customer loyalty.

World Leather Day is more than just a celebration; it’s a commitment to responsible practices that aims to foster a deeper understanding of the leather industry by showcasing its craftsmanship, innovation, and sustainability.

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