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17 April 2024


The LWG workshop during APLF 2024 Hong Kong focused on the issues of traceability and deforestation due diligence in the leather supply chains, attracting 48 participants including leather manufacturers, brands, affiliates, and suppliers. The event commenced with presentations on regulatory landscapes (focusing on EUDR) and traceability delivered by LWG experts followed by insights from JBS Couros Sustainability Director. The topic of Deforestation Due Diligence was explored in a presentation by WWF representative.  

Workshops were conducted on both traceability and deforestation due diligence, addressing key questions and challenges faced by industry stakeholders. Challenges such as data availability, infrastructure, and legal timelines were discussed, alongside best practices, the role of digital solutions, and the need for wider stakeholder engagement with attention to the cost and responsibility of implementing traceability and deforestation-free measures. Stakeholders discussed verification and compliance mechanisms, with a focus on LWG's role in facilitating transparency through setting appropriate requirements.  

Overall, the workshop provided a platform for meaningful dialogue and collaboration among leather industry players, highlighting different stakeholder perspectives but at the same time emphasizing consensus on the urgency of addressing traceability to reach LWG deforestation and conversion free target and achieve legal compliance.  

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