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03/05/2023 - 04/05/2023

LWG Virtual Stakeholder Meeting: your chance to learn more about our ongoing work and future plans 

Join Leather Working Group for our Virtual Stakeholder Meeting this May 


The virtual session will run twice, first on Wednesday 3 May, and the second on Thursday 4 May. Both sessions will cover the same content, to allow participants across different regions and time-zones to attend.  


The LWG Virtual Stakeholder Meeting will give you the opportunity to learn more about LWG’s ongoing work and plans for the future. In particular, we’ll touch on the following items:  


  • The current work to develop the 5-year strategic plan for LWG 

  • A sneak peek into the long awaited LWG LCA project results 

  • Updates on our traceability work, including the Traceability Roadmap, Chain of Custody project, and Deforestation Free Call to Action, as well as a preview of the LWG Leather Knowledge Base 

  • An update on current certification statistics, development of the LWG standards and assurance processes, and providing greater transparency through the LWG Leather Manufacturer Scorecard 

  • An overview of the process for membership, product, and certification claims, and guidance on how to find and validate LWG certificates 

  • Interesting insights from the 2023 LWG annual survey 

  • An update on global chemical legislation and issues of concern to the leather industry 


The online sessions will last 2.5 hours each and will feature speakers from across the LWG team, our committees, and Stakeholders from the global leather supply chain. We’ll also host Q&A sessions at the end of the meeting, where you’ll have the chance to get answers to your queries from LWG directly. 


NOTE: This event is now over and registration is closed.