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Leather Working Group South America regional meeting: Balancing market expectations with market access

When: Monday 24th April 2023  

Where: Marriott Hotel – Sao Paulo, Guarulhos  

Av. Ministro Evandro Lins e Silva 10/100, Guarulhos, Sao Paulo 07190-017, Brazil 

Timings: 9am - 1pm followed by buffet lunch 


Join Leather Working Group (LWG) and leather industry experts, including WWF US, to discuss the future of leather traceability and supply chain due diligence.  Against a context of increasing regulation of commodities with links to deforestation from global export markets, we will explore how the leather industry in South America can secure market access and establish best practise at scale.   

LWG invites you to join the conversation to discuss our aim for all LWG leather to be deforestation and conversion free by 2030, the LWG Traceability Roadmap and plans to develop a chain of custody system. Along with exploring topics such as the role of data and geo-spatial analysis in supporting the leather industry to understand and manage risks, the opportunities and need for cross sector alignment and collaboration, and the role of certification. 

We look forward to the opportunity to learn, discuss and debate these topics and work together to balance global market expectations with the real time challenges and opportunities for leather manufacturers in South America. 

Please note this is an in person meeting only and it will be held in English and Portuguese with translation available. 

Disclaimer: The meeting agenda will be focused on traceability and supply chain due diligence.  If there are other topics related to LWG operations or certification that any attendee wishes to raise these should be addressed directly to LWG ( It will not be possible to respond to them during this meeting. 

NOTE: This event is over and registration is now closed.