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18 July 2023

Nominations Open for the LWG Executive Committee

Leather Working Group (LWG) is pleased to announce that we are opening a period of nominations for the LWG Executive Committee. One of our current EC members (Prime Asia, represented by Ian Scher) is coming to the end of their term in September 2023. As such, we are accepting nominations from leather manufacturers with a valid certification against the LWG standard to join the LWG's governing body.   

Once elected, members of the LWG Executive Committee are expected to:  

  • Attend the monthly 2.5-hour virtual meeting.   

  • Attend between one and three face-to-face meetings per year in various international locations.  

  • Engage in email dialogue with the LWG senior management team and other EC members as needed.  

To be eligible to join the LWG Executive Committee, you must meet all the following requirements:   

  • Your company has held a valid certification for a minimum of three consecutive years, and  

  • A representative of your company has attended at least three out of the last five LWG meetings (including Virtual Meetings).  


When submitting your nomination please include details that support your eligibility status.  

Election Timeline  

  • Nominations will be accepted from 14th July until 28th July 2023  

  • Nominations reviewed by the EC 31st July until 11th August 2023  

  • Votes will open from 14th August until 1st September 2023  

  • The newly elected EC Member will begin their term as of 19th September 2023  

  • The newly elected EC Member will be invited to join their first EC Meeting in-person in Milan on 19th September 2023  


To put your company forward for the Leather Working Group Executive Committee,   

click here to complete the nomination form.