How do you compare?

The Leather Working Group consistently strives to encourage environmental improvement in the leather industry and are proud to have contributed to greater efficiency in energy and water for hundreds of leather manufacturers, resulting in better environmental practices. LWG monitor and benchmark on our members' behalf to demonstrate the effectiveness of the group.

See how your company compares to our medal award bands by entering the type of operation you undertake and your annual consumption in the boxes below!

Key to Categories

Please use the table below to see which category of leather manufacturer you are to enable accurate comparisons:

ARaw hide/skin to tanned
BRaw hide/skin to crust
CRaw hide/skin to finished leather
DTanned hide/skin to finished leather
ECrust hide/skin to finished leather
FTanned hide/skin to crust leather
GRaw hide/skin to pickled/pre-tanned material

Select your tannery category and enter your annual energy consumption (MJ/m2)
Select your tannery category and enter your annual water consumption (L/m2)
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