Tannery of the Future - Are You Ready for an Audit?

Tannery of the Future - Are You Ready for an Audit? is a self-assessment questionnaire designed to support tanneries looking to embark on their environmental journey but may not yet be ready to undergo the Leather Working Group (LWG) Environmental Audit. This self-assessment questionnaire is not a substitute for a full LWG Environmental Audit – it is designed as an introductory step. 

The assessment is a self-evaluation with extensive supporting material to allow tanneries to develop an understanding of their environmental profile and to consider what developments may be required before starting to address the more challenging and detailed requirements of the LWG Environmental Audit.

Whilst not an audited assessment, those tanneries that make use of the assessment are able to demonstrate their future sustainability ambitions and it is hoped that they will continue towards full LWG assessment.

LWG have incorporated the self-assessment and its online equivalent into a 3-step approach, to allow tanneries to take their first steps towards better environmental and sustainable practices. The LWG Education Hub, currently in development, will make available a downloadable version of the self-assessment document, an online equivalent, and additional resource to aid further development.

Please note: leather manufacturers do not need to complete each step to achieve LWG certification. Some companies may opt to undergo
a full LWG Environmental Audit without completing the assessment, but others may need to start at step 1.

Download the Tannery of the Future - Are You Ready for an Audit? Self-Assessment Questionnaire document below:

Tannery of the Future - Are You Ready for an Audit? - Self-Assessment Questionnaire
   Self-Assessment Questionnaire Download
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