Commissioning Manufacturer Audit Protocol

The purpose of this Commissioning Manufacturer Audit Protocol is to evaluate the environmental performance of a facility that sub-contracts out 100% of the leather manufacturing work. The protocol is designed to audit a manufacturing system, covering both the commissioning manufacturer and the sub-contractors, in a robust way that is equivalent to the audit of a conventional leather manufacturer.   

The Commissioning Manufacturer Audit Protocol is only applicable to companies who sell finished leather. Companies that use sub-contractors to produce part-processed leather will need to be audited as a trader.

Commissioning Manufacturer Audit Protocol
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What is a Commissioning Manufacturer?

LWG defines a Commissioning Manufacturer as a company that:

  • Buys and owns their own material.
  • Subcontractors all manufacturing operations to external organisations (subcontractors) - meaning they do not complete any operations themselves. 
  • Sells finished material to customers
  • Is responsible for RSL compliance of the finished leather
  • Uses subcontractors that have all been audited and certified by LWG