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Rating Silver
Tannage Types Chrome
Animal Types Cow
Protocol Issue 7.1.0
Auditor Yigit Kaman
Audit Company YKC | Yigit Kaman Consulting Services
Audit Category A - Raw hide/skin to tanned
Audit Expiry Date 18 January 2024


Physical Traceability 0%
Documented Traceability 0%
Group Traceability 0%
Regional Traceability 100%
Not Traceable 0%

Contact Ismail Ismayilli


Phone number +90 532 286 2166

Site Address Yevlax Seh., Nizami Pr.3, Dal.4, Azerbaijan


Type Leather Manufacturer

Continuously Certified Since 18 January 2022

Title Localised Laçin 2012 M.M.C.

Address Localised Yevlax Şeh. Nizami Pr.3 Dal. 4 AZERBAIJAN