Tannery of the Future

LWG and the Tannery of the Future (TOTF) foundation will collaborate on the integration the Tannery of the Future Sustainability checklist into the LWG environmental stewardship programme.

Originally created as an awareness tool, Tannery of the Future is an easily accessible sustainability checklist for tanneries, wholesalers, fashion brands and retailers to discover how leather production sustainability can be improved. The checklist covers14 different aspects of Corporate Social Responsibility.

The Tannery of the Future self-assessment was developed and released by the Dutch CSR Netherlands Foundation, Egbert Dikkers from Smit & zoon, independent leather expert, Hans Both, and Antoinette Gast from Fair-Trade leather importer Tuyu. Since its release in March 2016, the self-assessment tool has been downloaded by 600+ companies and individuals worldwide and has been presented at multiple international leather fairs and conferences.

The TOTF tool will be refined  to replace the LWG ‘Are You Ready for an Audit?’ questionnaire by a dedicated sub-group. The sub-group will ensure the assessment is well-aligned to the LWG principles and vision, whilst remaining a free-to-use educational tool that is accessible to all leather manufacturers.

Recent Updates


Tannery of the Future Sub-Group


Nominated Person

Smit & zoon

Egbert Dikkers – Chair


Andrew Hudson – TSG Link

Eurofins | BLC

Mark Lucas

Nati Consulting

Viswanathan Munusamy


Dorothea Flockert


Beckie Ellis


Ralph Arbeid


Tentative Timeline

March 2019

Announce to

May 2019

Set up TOTF

June 2019

Inaugural sub-group

Aug/Sept 2019

First draft creation &
website development

Sept/Oct 2019

TOTF sub-group
meeting, draft refinements

November 2019

Launch of the refined
TOTF tool

December 2019

Winding up of the 
TOTF Foundation