Environmental Audit Protocol 6.7.0

LWG Environmental Audit Protocol 6.7.0

P6.7 was launched in July 2020. The only change from P6.6.2 to P6.7 is the following:

Covid-19: Temporary allowance for the exclusion of three months data in the energy and water sections. This allowance is only applicable to P6.7.0. This allowance will be reviewed by TSG at least every six months.


Document Access

The complete protocols (and translations) are currently available to download:

  • LWG Members please login to download directly
  • Non-members, please submit a request form to access the document


Length of audit on site 2 days
Certificate validity  24 months
Award Rating - Gold, Silver, Bronze or Audited status
Granted LWG Membership? Yes - as a Leather Manufacturer Member


Remote Audit

As of 9th November 2020, LWG is offering a remote audit recertification system for currently certified leather manufacturers. For more details, please see below.

Current Protocol (P6.7.0)
Remote Auditing

The remote audit was introduced in November 2019 as a temporary solution to travel-related restrictions imposed as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Obtaining a new certification via the LWG Remote Audit includes two stages:

  1. Remote data gathering, as well as video conference call to tour the site. This will result in an initial certification that is valid for 1 year.
  2. The second stage is an on-site follow-up visit within 1 year of remote audit. If this requirement is met, the certification will be upgraded to be valid for 2 years.

Key Points:

  • Re-audits only, no first-time audits will be permitted.
  • Current, valid certification required. Lapsed certifications are not eligible.
  • Medal rating increases will only be permitted following additional peer review checks and review by the LWG Technical Sub-Group.
  • If an LWG-auditor is based in the same country as the company wishing to undergo recertification, they will not be permitted to undergo a remote audit. Physical, on-site audits should be undertaken wherever possible. See our auditor locations here
  • Remote audits may only be conducted by your previous auditor.

Translations of the LWG Protocol - For Reference Only

The official language of the LWG is English, and as such translations are to be used only as a guide and any questions or queries related to the audit protocol will only be answered in relation to the English version.

   P6.6.2- Portuguese translation Request Document Download Sample
   P6.6.2- Spanish translation Request Document Download Sample
   P6.6.2- Italian translation Request Document Download Sample
   P6.6.2- Korean translation Request Document Download Sample
   P6.6.2- Chinese translation Request Document Download Sample
Information Bulletins

With the launch of the Trader Protocol in October 2016 and the introduction of Protocol 6.5 which comes into mandatory effect from 1st October 2017, there are important changes that will have an effect of the scoring for many of our leather manufacturers when the next undergo an audit.  These useful Information Bulletins are designed to help our members understand the changes:

Guidance Notes for P6.5

Guidance Notes are designed to be read in conjunction with the Protocol document.  Translated guidance notes will be available soon in Chinese, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

Comprehensive Guidance Notes for S3 Tannery Data are currently being prepared and will be available soon.