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Rating Silver
Tannage Types Chrome
Animal Types Cow
Protocol Issue 6.7.0 (C-19)
Auditor Ricky Wilby
Audit Company RWLS | Ricky Wilby Leather Services Ltd.
Audit Category C - Raw hide/skin to finished leather
Audit Expiry Date 23 October 2023


Physical Traceability 0%
Documented Traceability 100%
Group Traceability 0%
Regional Traceability 0%
Not Traceable 0%

Contact Mr. Masaki Nakashima


Phone number +81-0791-67-0222

Site Address 191-2 Matsubara Ibo-cho, Tatsuno-city, Hyogo-pre Japan, 679-4142, Japan


Type Leather Manufacturer

Continuously Certified Since 31 October 2018

Title Localised ㈲繁栄皮革工業所

Address Localised 兵庫県たつの市揖保町松原191-2