Protocol 6.6 Now Launched!

01 October 2018

We are pleased to announce that Protocol 6.6 is now published!

Protocol 6.6 is available to audit against from 1st October 2018.  In line with LWG’s commitment to ensure adequate preparation notice is given, there will be a 6-month introduction period where leather manufacturers can choose to use the existing P6.5.3 or the new P6.6.  From 1st April 2019, P6.6 will become mandatory and P6.5.3 will be removed from circulation.

Key Changes to the Protocol include: 

  • Housekeeping:  This is one of the most impactful changes to the current protocol.  From 6.6.0, the Housekeeping Section will become a critical scoring section.  It is no longer appropriate for any LWG rated member to have unsafe machinery / electricals / working areas within their facilities. 
  • Physical Marking:  A score will be awarded in Manufacturing Processes for leather manufacturers that physically mark their outgoing material. 
  • Water Flow Measurement:   Every LWG rated facility must have effective water measurement by way of an automatic measurement device or trucking with measurement device.
  • H2S Meters:  Exposure to H2S can result in death and consequently LWG have decided that lack of proper detection equipment for H2S will result in an audit failure from P6.6.0.
  • Salt in Discharge:  Section 11, Question 5 regarding salt used and discharged has been simplified and scoring modified to reflect the environmental impact of this element.
  • Reporting of Safety Related, Fatal Accidents:  Leather Manufacturers will be required to report fatal accidents that occur within their facilities in the same way as violations are reported.
  • Non-disclosure of Sub-Contractors:  LWG will not tolerate use of non-LWG rated subcontractors being used for partial or full processing of material which is subsequently sold from a LWG rated facility.  Leather Manufacturers are responsible for notifying their auditor of all subcontractors and failure to do so in future will result in a significant penalty of -40.
  • Random Visits:  Any leather manufacturer audited from P6.6.0 onwards will be subject to a potential random visit from an LWG Auditor to ensure consistent standards are maintained.
  • Photographs:  Auditors will be required to take mandatory photos of certain elements within the audit.  These areas are identified by a ?? symbol in the protocol. 
  • Section 3 Simplification:  The apportionment of scoring to smooth the reduction of the scoring allowances for traded material or small skins and pickled material is removed.
  • Other Changes:  Other minor alterations involve clarity of wording or explanation, data capture for CETP details and for Consultants if used in audit preparation.

More information can be found by visting the Protocols Page here:  Environmental Protocols


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