Leather Working Group Statement on COVID-19

Since the inception of the Leather Working Group in 2005, we have supported stakeholders across the global leather industry to provide confidence in your supply chains. Over recent weeks, our organisation and many member companies have felt the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) on business.

We wanted to reach out to all of our members to reassure you that we, as a group, are taking a pro-active approach to keep our staff safe and maintain full operational capacity.

Here’s what we have done so far:

  • Cancelled the LWG Member Meeting in Hong Kong, following the cancellation of the Asia Pacific Leather Fair. The meeting will be replaced by an online webinar in the coming weeks.
  • Placed a ban on all non-essential travel and introduced working from home where possible for our office staff.
  • Offered extensions of audit certificates to leather manufacturers and traders who are currently unable to be audited due to travel restrictions or self-isolation preventing an auditor from visiting them on site.
  • The Technical Sub Group (TSG) is examining the possibility of temporary, alternative auditing techniques during this period of uncertainty where access to sites may not be possible.

We will continue to hold monthly conference calls with our governance and technical committees, to ensure the group continues to run as usual. In addition, we will pivot our training scheme to provide more digital materials in lieu of physical workshops.

By monitoring the situation and working closely with our members, we aim to maintain the level of support we provide to the industry and ensure the credibility of our environmental certification process.

If you have any queries at this time, please get in touch with the LWG team directly, via info@leatherworkinggroup.com

We will provide further updates as the situation evolves.