Audit Expiry Dates

11 April 2018

For leather manufacturers undergoing a re-audit, there are a number of guidelines for you to remember:

  • The audit expiry date is taken from the first day of the audit, i.e. if the audit takes place on 1st and 2nd January 2018, the audit expiry date will be 1st January 2020.
  • All audit results are valid for 24 months. Certification remains valid over this timescale unless evidence becomes available to suggest that the audit result is no longer valid.
  • A tannery being re-audited in the month preceding the certification expiry date will be issued with a certificate valid from the current expiry date. A tannery re-audited in the month following certification expiry will benefit from an extension of the current certification but only if the audit has been booked, paid for and the date confirmed as being no later than one month after expiry (these three conditions having been met prior to current certification expiry). Please note that the new expiry date will be aligned to the existing expiry date, i.e. original expiry date 1st January, re-audit carried out 5th and 6th February, new expiry date will remain as 1st January.
  • Should an audit be cancelled or re-scheduled due to unforeseen circumstances (such as ill health of an auditor, cancelled flights or extreme bad weather), outside of the control of the leather manufacturer, LWG may provide a certificate extension.  In such cases the expiry date will be from the first day of the re-audit and not the old expiry date.

It is the responsibility of the leather manufacturer to ensure that re-audits are scheduled in good time.  Membership of LWG is conditional upon a valid audit certificate.