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2 August 2021

We're launching an Environmental Impact Working Group

The Leather Working Group would like to announce the launch of the Environmental Impact Working Group (EIWG), a new subcommittee of our core governance group.

The EIWG aims to be a platform for engagement and education on the environmental impact of leather, working towards both understanding the environmental impact of leather, as well as defining ways to achieve goals to reduce the impact across the leather value chain. This will assist companies to understand the impact of leather in their products, and also drive tangible improvements by setting and working towards meeting their science-based targets.

The group will consider a range of different topics covering the environmental impact of leather, including the influence of upstream, core, and downstream processes.The discussions will help members understand the environmental impact of leather manufacturing, including chemicals, energy, water usage, and effluent emissions, and how this can be improved through the LWG Audit Standard. Furthermore, the group aims to better understand the impact of livestock farming, including the various farming styles, and the relation with leather as a by-product. Through this, the group will identify hotspots in the leather value chain, and define ways that they could be addressed.

Important to know:

The group will serve as an advisory to the Technical Sub-Group (TSG) and to the Executive Committee (EC).

Meetings will be held once per quarter with the option of additional ad hoc meetings.

How to join:

Open to all LWG members, if you would like to join the LWG Environmental Impact Working Group, please register your interest.

To nominate yourself, please email Leticia Millward (LWG Sustainability Project Manager). Please make sure to include the following information in your nomination email:

  • Your Name
  • Your Company
  • Why you would like to join the LWG Environmental Impact Working Group

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