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30 November 2017

Physical Marking of Material for Category A Traders

Following detailed discussion with the Trader Working Group, Technical Sub-Group and Executive Committee, it is clear that for some of our trader members, engaging suppliers to get material physically marked at source is a complex and difficult transition.


LWG does not want to disengage our existing audited trader members with a stipulation that will mean they are unable to retain their ‘Category A’ Trader status through circumstances they cannot control.


Therefore, a decision has been taken to adjust the requirement for 100% physical marking from 1st January 2018, with the following 3-tiered approach:


Criteria for Category A Traders:


100% physically marked at source

100% of score

100% physically marked at incoming

95% of score

100% traceable through robust paperwork and physical separation

90% of score


A trader that is unable to demonstrate any of the above and operates with mixed input material (LWG & non-LWG) will be a Category B Trader.


This scoring percentage will be reduced again in January 2019 with the eventual adoption of 100% physically marked at source being mandatory with the introduction of P7 (not likely before the late 2019).


For further information or clarification please contact your auditor directly or contact:


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