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8 June 2018

Pallavaram CETP Update - 8th June 2018

LWG are continuing to monitor developments with the Pallavaram CETP in Tamil Nadu.  Once of LWG's auditors, who is an experienced effluent treatment engineer, visited the site and met the Managing Director and a few other Directors in the CETP on 4 June 2018. The current status is as follows:

  • Due to a failure in the aeration tank at the end of April, the effluent parameters did not meet the expected results. Though the biomass concentration was enough, but later it was learnt that there were more dead cells and hence the aeration tank required reseeding with fresh biomass.
  • The nine points mentioned by the TNPCB were rectified and some other improvements were made by the CETP by 21 May 2018 and the CETP has asked for revocation of the closure order since then.
  • Further to this, an engineer from TNPCB has also visited the CETP for verification.
  • As of 6 June 2018, the plant is not yet approved for reopening. It is hoped by the members that the reopening will be obtained within the week.

We will continue to update members.


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