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1 November 2021

New LWG Members, October 2021

Join us in welcoming our new members in October 2021!

Several new member organisations joined the Leather Working Group between 1-31 October 2021. See our new members below.


We welcomed 10 new Brand/Retailer members of the LWG this month:

  • Ar Leder Kurk Sanayi. Ve Ticaret.
  • Arbesko AB
  • Aunts & Uncles
  • K - Mail Order Verwaltungs
  • Mint Velvet
  • Mark's Work Wearhouse Ltd
  • Neri Karra
  • Netraco Garments B.V. (inc. Goosecraft, Ibana, DNA Amsterdam)
  • Reiss


We were pleased to be able to welcome one new NGO through our group/association membership route:

  • National Wildlife Federation (NWF)

In addition, more companies have become certified this past month. See below the leather manufacturers, traders, subcontractors, and commissioning manufacturers that have recently joined LWG for the first time.

Leather Manufacturers

16 new leather manufacturing facilities had their audit results confirmed this month:

  • Apucarana Leather S.A.
  • Chin Ko Trade Co Ltd
  • Conceria Ambassador SPA
  • Conceria Pasubio SPA (Zermeghedo)
  • Curtidos Deneb SL
  • Dani E Volpi
  • Dongguan Qifeng New Material Co., Ltd.
  • Durli Leathers S.A.
  • Enping Ruichang Leather Made Co. Ltd
  • F. Henrique-Peles Lda
  • Jifeng (Kiet Phong) Leather Co Ltd
  • Lien Bao Co. Ltd.
  • Man Lai Plastic Co Ltd
  • Napa Codina Lda.

Leather Traders

We welcomed 10 new traders of part-processed or finished leather in October:

  • Alves Fonseca, Lda comércio de peles (Flegueiras)
  • Alves Fonseca, Lda comércio de peles.
  • Comptoir Megisserie Icart
  • Farbopelli SRL
  • Ficini Pellami SRL
  • HOSBO (Hijos de Oscar Botella Sempere S.L)
  • Idella Piel S.L.
  • Sanchez Merenciano S.A
  • SPEA srl
  • Union Leathers SRL Società Unipersonale


Six new subcontracting facilities became certified in October:

  • Anselmi Franco srl
  • Design Leather Srl
  • Ingropelli SRL
  • Mistral SRL
  • Nuova Parise S R L
  • SIMA s.n.c. di Brogi M. e Filomena S.

Commissioning Manufacturers

We welcomed one new commissioning manufacturer into LWG membership this month:



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