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24 June 2019

LWG Workshop: Fundamentals of LWG

On Monday 15th July, the Leather Working Group (LWG) will hold a training workshop that covers the Fundamentals of the LWG protocol, hosted by Tapestry, Inc. at their New York offices. The workshop will take place from 08:30-12:15, in the morning session ahead of the LWG USA Regional Meeting.

Part of the Framework of the LWG Environmental Protocol education suite, this workshop will enlighten a delegate from any part of the leather supply chain about the main LWG protocol and how it integrates into producer environmental management systems. 

In the first session, the focus will be on the parts of the LWG audit that show the intent of the leather producer to protect the environment; that the company in question has the necessary permissions to demonstrate legal compliance. The discussion will focus on the competency of the employees to understand the importance of environmental protection and that the leather producer has the needs of the final customer in mind. There will be lectures, and pyramid discussion groups, and small questionnaires. 

The second session of the day is to look at how the LWG protocol handles the traceability of raw material; the handling of data; the heart of the environmental management system and the company’s general approach the prevention of restricted substances. The chemical management module will be discussed. The second section is more presentation centred with an open informal format.

The operational elements of the leather producer, namely the use of energy, water, and other resources. The producers’ output environmental aspects and how they become impacts will be shown through picture card and group discussions. The discussion of environmental legal (and other compliance), specifically LWG emission and discharge limits will be shown. A brief introduction to the plans LWG has, regarding communal effluent treatment plants, will be made. The session will include an audience audit of some photographic evidence taken of LWG conforming and non-conforming tanneries, regarding housekeeping. A brief presentation on the process controls that producers use in the beamhouse, dyehouse, and finishing will be made.

At the heart of the LWG is continuous improvement and preventing harm to the environment. The protocol assesses how producers plan for situations where an environmental accident or incident has taken place and how they prevent these situations will be role-played. During the audits the LWG highlights non-conformance to the protocol and a brief discussion will be made on how these can be used as part of the continuous improvement cycle, with an indication will be made how the LWG protocol gets stricter over time.

It is hoped that brands, retailers, traders, producers (tanners and manufacturers) will attend and seek to understand and engage with the LWG protocol.


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Heritage Room, 9th Floor

Tapestry, Inc.

10 Hudson Yards, 347 10th Ave

New York, USA


Monday 15th July 2019, 08:30-12:15 (Registration from 08:00)





Suitable for:

Brands, retailers, traders, leather traders and manufacturers of all levels

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