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5 October 2020

LWG Launches Two New Audit Protocols

The Leather Working Group has launched a two new standard designed to assess manufacturers completing subcontracting operations on behalf of their customers and companies commissioning 100% of their operations out to subcontractors.  

LWG Subcontractor Audit Protocol 

At present, when a leather manufacturer is assessed using the LWG Environmental Audit Protocol any subcontractors they use during their production process are included via a Mini Audit Report. As a result, any company completing subcontract work for a client may be assessed multiple times as their customers undergo an audit, but they do not receive their own certification. 

The LWG Subcontractor Audit Protocol (SCAP) was developed to assess subcontractors to a higher standard and to provide them with their own certification and membership of LWG. In addition, as more subcontractors choose to undergo the SCAP and become LWG-certified, our audited leather manufacturers will be able to choose new subcontractors from a pre-approved list. 

Furthermore, the SCAP plays an important role in the second new audit protocol for Commissioning Manufacturers, as it allows an entire production chain to be audited and certified by LWG. 

LWG Commissioning Manufacturer Audit Protocol 

In recognition of the complexity of the leather supply chain, LWG has developed a new audit protocol to provide certification to a Commissioning Manufacturer – a company which buys leather and sends it out for all manufacturing operations to subcontractors.  

The LWG Commissioning Manufacturer Audit Protocol (CMAP) requires that a company must have their entire production chain audited and certified by LWG.  

Whether they subcontract out to a full scope tannery (that has been audited via the LWG Environmental Audit Protocol) or to a small company completing some minor operations (that has been audited via the new LWG Subcontractor Audit Protocol) – all members of the production chain must be audited. 

How to Book 

All LWG-approved auditors are now able to conduct Subcontractor Audits and Commissioning Manufacturer Audits. If you wish to book an audit against the SCAP or the CMAP, please get in touch with your chosen auditor directly to discuss further. 

If you are unsure about whether your company’s eligibility, please get in touch with the LWG Administration Office directly. 

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