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15 March 2022

Leather Working Group offers support to leather manufacturers in Ukraine

Northampton, United Kingdom — 15 March 2022: In response to the recent conflict, Leather Working Group (LWG) offers its full support to its LWG member companies based in Ukraine.

As a multi-stakeholder organization, LWG has members all over the globe and we therefore have a responsibility to support our members in different regions in times of crisis, be it environmental, humanitarian or other.

LWG condemns Russia’s military aggression towards Ukraine and stands in complete solidarity with the unfortunate victims of this war.

We will provide support to our certified members in Ukraine where possible, particularly in relation to their continued membership and future re-audit needs.  Any of our members based in Ukraine may reach out to the LWG directly for more information as to how we may assist you.

LWG’s position and response to this conflict will evolve with the circumstances, and we are prepared to take further actions if necessary.

To provide additional feedback to LWG on this topic, please get in touch with us directly:

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