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27 September 2021

FDRA Environmentally Preferred Material Guide recommends LWG

EPM guide recommends sourcing leather from LWG-certified leather manufacturers 

The Footwear Distributors & Retailers of America (FDRA) has published a new sourcing guide for the global footwear industry, focused on environmentally preferred material (EPM). 

The Environmentally Preferred Material Guide was developed in partnership with businesses within the footwear industry, designed to give companies both a baseline for their sourcing activities (where they should be right now), as well as future targets for best practice (where they should be by 2035).   

For leather, the EPM Guide recommends the LWG both within its threshold requirements, as well as the “Green North Star Goals” for the future. See the requirements below: 

EPM Threshold — Minimum footwear industry requirements 

  • Leather Working Group certified to Bronze level, or 

  • >20% recycled leather content (RCS certification

EPM Advanced — Green North Star Goals (by 2035) 

  • Leather Working Group certified to Gold level, or 

  • >50% post-consumer recycled leather content (GRS certification

Following the EPM guideline, companies can continue to work towards improving their impact by aiming to achieve the ‘Green North Star Goals’. For more information, visit the FDRA Shoe Sustainability website.  

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