Our Auditors

LWG only approves independent experts with experience in the leather manufacturing industry and a comprehensive knowledge of the LWG standards to conduct audits on our behalf. Our auditing team is committed to excellence, impartiality, and integrity in everything they do. LWG-approved auditors must undergo a stringent multi-stage interviewe process, as well as training and onboarding exercises alongside our most experienced auditors. 

All LWG-approved auditors are authorized to conduct audits using the following LWG audit protocols:

  • LWG Environmental Audit Protocol - For leather manufacturers
  • LWG Trader Audit Protocol - For traders of part-processed or finished material
  • LWG Chemical Management Module - For leather manufacturers (regarding their chemical management practices)
  • LWG Subcontractor Audit Protocol - For companies completing subcontracting work on behalf of a third party.
  • LWG Commissioning Manufacturer Protocol - For companies subcontracting out all manufacturing work.

To enquire about an auditor's availability, please contact them directly using the contact details provided below.

Afzal Hossain - Bangladesh

Afzal Hossain was approved as an LWG auditor in April 2022. Afzal is a certified Lead Auditor for ISO 14001:2015 and he has worked as a Leather Technologist with over 25 years of experience in the leather industry and a strong technical understanding of the entire supply chain.  

As a freelance expert and industry development consultant, he is currently working with Solidaridad Network Asia in Bangladesh to share his extensive understanding of sustainability concerns. He also led various industry research projects with Solidaridad, such as risk and hazard assessments. 

Afzal has a BSc in leather technology from the University of Dhaka in Bangladesh, and he also holds a professional certification in a leadership development programme as master trainer course, held by ILO. For the past six years, he has served as vice president of the Leather Engineers and Technologies Society of Bangladesh (LETSB). 

Location: Bangladesh

Email address: idea.afzal@gmail.com

Alfredo Garcia Espantaleon (IPAP) - Spain

Alfredo Espantaleon is a leather professional with more than 20 years of experience in several tanneries in Spain, with responsibilities ranging from raw material and chemicals sourcing, to process control and development, from beamhouse to finishing department, from R+D and quality control labs to management of solid wastes and WWTP. He has served in all the critical departments in the technological areas of the tannery.

Alfredo holds a Degree in Chemistry and a Masters in Integrated Management of Quality, Environment and Occupational Health. He is also an expert, at Masters level, in Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Recently, he has obtained an Environmental Lead Auditor qualification, in ISO 14001:2015, recognised by the European Organisation for Quality, and he is LWG Approved Auditor since January 2018.

In the past six years, he has been developing CSR plans and strategies for chemicals producers, as well as consultancy work in an international environment, for tanneries in Russia, Kazakhstan, China and Mongolia.

With more than 15 publications in journals and congresses, he is an active communicator interested in float recycling, waste minimisation, and even in operations research, in order to help make better decisions in the tannery.

To check Alfredo´s availability for an audit, please click the following link to send him an email: a.espantaleon@ipapingenieria.es.

Anne-Laure Lepretre (AL2T Consulting) - France

Anne-Laure Leprêtre has been an approved LWG Auditor since beginning of 2016.  Anne-Laure has qualifications in Environmental Management, Leather Technology and has worked in the Leather Industry for 16 years.

Anne-Laure is involved in the development of clean technologies for leather production, on technical training for tannery, tannery audit, process improvement and leather assessment.

Anne-Laure‘s mother language is French. She has an advanced level in English and German and has an intermediate level in Italian.

To check Anne-Laure’s availability for an audit please click the link here to send Anne-Laure an email:  allepretre2016@gmail.com

Balaji Velu (BV Leather Services) - India

Balaji Velu holds a degree in Leather Technology from Anna University, Chennai, India and a Post Graduate Certification in Business Administration from Nottingham Trent University, UK. He has extensive technical and operational experiences in leather manufacturing from beamhouse to finished leather for around 29 years, most of his career living as an expatriate in the South East Asian countries like Indonesia, China, Thailand and Vietnam.

Throughout his career, Balaji has led various sustainability projects such as flesh to fuel, low energy impact machinery studies, process control optimisation for cleaner environment, development of hypo allergenic metal free lining, chrome free water proof leathers, ammonia and pickle free tanning systems, water recycling, water and energy audit programs of the leading European & American brands.

Balaji obtained his CQI IRCA certification in ISO 14001:2015 Lead Auditor qualification to continue his venture in the field of environment and sustainability in leather industry. He became an LWG Approved Auditor as of May 2020.

To check Balaji’s availability for an audit, please contact him directly: balaji-velu@outlook.com   

Catherine Money (Catherine Money Consulting) - Australia

Catherine Money worked for 40 years with Australia’s CSIRO Leather Research Centre. From 1998 to 2005 to she was Officer in Charge.

She worked closely with tanners and helped develop and implement appropriate processes to make tanneries more sustainable. These include short-term preservation, process liquor recycling, hair-saving unhairing, carbon dioxide deliming of full thickness hides and direct chrome liquor recycling.

After the closure of CSIRO Leather Research, she became a consultant and a Leather Working Group Auditor and has continued to write papers and articles about environmental issues. She advocates waste minimisation, the processing of green hides, reuse of liquors, salt minimisation, irrigation of tannery waste water, the use of hair as a fertiliser and the use of renewable energy. To check Catherine's availability for an audit please click the link here to send Catherine an email:  c.money@bigpond.net.au

Chris Jacklin (New Wave Solutions) - Indonesia

Chris holds an MBA from Bradford University, a Nene Certificate in Leather Technology from Northampton (Nene) University and a BSC (Hons) in Applied Chemistry from Nottingham Trent University, all in the UK. 

Subsequently, Chris has spent over 30 years in the worldwide leather industry working on a collaborative basis with tanners throughout that time. He has extensive knowledge and experience from his senior level positions held in the prominent specialty chemical companies engaged within the leather industry.

Chris has worked as an expatriate in China, Singapore, Thailand, Germany and Indonesia, and has vast experience in the Asia Pacific markets, Australasia, India, Japan and Korea where he has spent his recent time, as well as Pakistan, South America and Europe from earlier in his career.

He has focused his current attention on using this knowledge for the environmental benefit of the leather industry.

In early 2018, Chris obtained his CQI & IRCA Certified ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Lead Auditor Qualification and he is an approved LWG auditor from January 2019.

To check Chris' availability for an audit, please click the link here to send Chris an email:  chris-jacklin@hotmail.com

Jutta Knoedler (ITG GmbH Environmental Technology) - Germany

Jutta Knoedler is a Diploma Certificated Engineer in Chemistry, with Thesis on the University of Stuttgart Institute for Water Quality and Waste Management. With more than 28 year's experience and worldwide consultancy work specialising in tannery environmental issues – like wastewater treatment, waste, energy efficiency, chemicals and air emissions - she is working as General Manager in ITG-Environmental Technology GmbH. 

Jutta also works as a tannery sustainability consultant for many national and international organisations like UNIDO, EU (f.e. member of the National Expert Team for BAT-Notes = Best Available Technologies for Tanneries), the Federal Environmental Ministry, Leather associations etc. For that role, she has received several international awards for developing sustainable concepts in tanneries. 

Jutta has worked for many years as a registered Auditor for Energy-Efficiency Audits, for ECO2L-Audits (CO2-emission and Energy for Leather) and for LWG Audits. She is also a member of the LWG “Technical Sub-Group” for ongoing development of the LWG audit protocol.To check Jutta’s availability for an audit, please click the link here to send Jutta an e-mail:  info@itg-gom.de 

Marivi Galiana (MG Consulting) - Spain

Marivi holds a Phd in Chemical, Nuclear and Environmental Engineering by Universidad Politécnica de Valencia and she completed her Leather Technology training at University of Cincinnati. Marivi is a Professor in Universidad Politécnica de Valencia where she is part of the Security, Radiophisic and Environmental Institute (ISIRYM) as a researcher and has published many publications and spoken at many conferences.

Marivi has more than 17 years of experience in the leather industry developing her career in key departments such as; beamhouse, tanning and dying as well as being the Head of R&D, Quality and Environmental department. She also has a large understanding of clean technology applications, water consumption management in tanneries and effluent treatment processes for tanneries. Her main studies are based on alternatives of chrome-free skins, reuse of tanning baths and use of by-products for the food industry.

Marivi is also an IEMA Qualified Lead Auditor ISO 14001:2015. To check Marivi’s availability for an audit please click the link here to send Marivi an email at: galiana.consulting@gmail.com.

Mark Lucas (Eurofins BLC Leather Technology Centre) - United Kingdom

Mark Lucas is a registered Principal Environmental Auditor with the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA), of which he also holds Practionioner Membership, and has been an approved LWG Auditor since the group was founded in 2005.  Mark has qualifications in Environmental Management, Leather Technology and Business and has worked in the Leather Industry for 36 years.

Mark serves on various LWG sub-committees including the Technical Sub-Group and the Trader Working Group, and has been instrumental in the development of all the LWG audit based initiatives, i.e. the main Audit Protocol, the Trader Protocol and the Chemical Management Module which is due for release next year.

To check Mark’s availability for an audit please click the link here to send Mark an email:  markl@blcleathertech.com

Ricky Wilby (RWLS) - Thailand

Ricky Wilby was born in United Kingdom and currently based in South East Asia. He is IRCA Certified ISO14001:2015 Lead Auditor, and is an approved LWG auditor. 

Ricky has qualifications in Leather Technology and Business Management and has worked in the Leather Industry for over 40 years. Ricky’s extensive technical and production experience covers the full range of leather production, from beamhouse processing to finished leather. 

To check Ricky’s availability for an audit please click the link here to send Ricky an email:  ricky.wilby2015@gmail.com 

Robert Sheng-Tsai Yu (Top Management Consulting) - Taiwan

Robert holds a Ph.D. in Business Administration from Business College of Feng Chia University and MBA from Management College of Tung Hai University, in Taiwan.  Robert has worked on industrial quality management in his career for more than 20 years.

Robert started working with tanneries as a sustainability consultant in environment, quality, and occupational safety management since 2008 in Taiwan, China, Korea, Japan, and Southeast Asia. Robert’s consulting experience cover the full range of the leather production from beamhouse to finish process.

In 2020, Robert obtained his ISO 14001:2015 Certified Environmental Lead Auditor Qualification and he is an approved LWG auditor from March 2021.

Robert’s native language is Mandarin Chinese and has an intermediate level in English. To check Robert's availability for an audit, please click the link here to send Robert an email: iso888@yahoo.com.tw

Viswanathan Munusamy (Nati Consulting Services) - India

Viswanathan Munusamy is a qualified leather technologist with experience in leather manufacturing, cleaner tanning technologies, tannery effluent treatment including zero liquid discharge systems, occupational safety and health aspects and social aspects. He has been working on environmental issues within the leather industry for the last 20 years, including 12 years in various UNIDO projects. He also served in the Indian Leather Industry Foundation (ILIFO) in various positions.

Viswanathan has played a key role in implementing several projects on effluent treatment, cleaner technologies and OSH improvements in tanneries in India and neighbouring countries. He is also a Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) Certified Energy Manager, Lead Auditor for ISO14001 and OHSAS 18001 Management Systems.  

He is now a LWG Approved Auditor since October 2017. To check Viswanathan’s availability for an audit, please click the link here to send Viswanathan an e-mail: mviswanathan@outlook.com.

Yigit Kaman (YKC) - Turkey

Yigit N. Kaman is an environmental engineer with 10 years of experience in leather industry and Masters Degree on Occupational Health & Safety. Yigit has qualifications in Environmental Management Systems, Effluent Treatment Plant Operation, Waste Management and Clean Technologies in Leather Manufacturing. He’s managed projects for recovery of tannery wastes and use of tannery treatment sludge in agriculture in collaboration with Aegean University.

Yigit has worked as Environmental Director and Audits Manager in Turkey and introduced LWG to Turkish Leather Manufacturers by achieving the first LWG Certificate in Turkey in 2016. He is currently focused on consulting tanners on environmental improvement and conducting LWG Audits.

He obtained his IRCA approved ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Lead Auditor Qualification from BSI in 2019 and is an approved LWG Auditor.

Yigit offers his services via Yigit Kaman Consulting (YKC). Get in touch with him directly to discuss his availability.

Email: yigitkaman@gmail.com 

Website: https://yigitkaman.com/ 

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