Executive Committee

It is important to note that the Leather Working Group has been made up of representative parties from different areas of the product supply chain including major brands, tanners, technical experts and other industry representatives. 

An Executive Committee has been elected from the members of the Leather Working Group. The group’s purpose is to manage the development, refinement and implementation of the protocol. Minor changes to the protocol can be made by the Executive Committee but significant changes and re-issues should be tabled at the wider group meetings held twice per year.


Executive Committee Members
Leather Manufacturers
  • Industria del Curtidos - Silvino Navarro
  • Pittards - Jon Loxston
  • Prime Asia - Ian Scher (Chair)
  • Tong Hong - Andy Seaward
  • Adidas - Erika Benz
  • LVMH - Hugues Pichon
  • Tempe Inditex - Jose Nácher
  • VF Corporation - Jon Hopper
  • Stahl Holdings - Michael Costello

The structure of the Executive Committee consists of representatives from the Brands, Leather Manufacturers and Suppliers. Currently the agreed format of the group is four Brands, four Leather Manufacturers and one Supplier.

  • Decisions on the structure and any key elements of the protocol will be passed by vote. Voting powers will be one vote per company, the majority passes the motion.
  • A quorum for an Executive Committee meeting should be at least two leather manufacturers, two brands and one other EC member.
  • Executive Committee members should remain in place for 48 months and then proposed for re-election or change.
  • The Executive Committee term of office will be subject to a limit of two consecutive terms (with the opportunity to run again after sitting out for a year)
  • To be proposed for the Executive Committee a nominee must have been a member of LWG for at least three years and have attended at least three out of the last 5 member meetings