Claims & Labelling

The LWG Claims Framework has been developed to give Brand Members of the Leather Working Group clear guidance on how to make claims about LWG, your membership, and our audit protocols.

All members wishing to communicate about LWG must use this document to ensure all claims are accurate and appropriate, with no misleading language. It is not mandatory to make public claims about LWG, but those that wish to do so must comply with the criteria outlined in this document.

LWG monitors all claims relating to the group, our subscription members and our audited leather manufacturers to protect the credibility of our name and the integrity of our auditing programme, as well as building trust with consumers.

Changes between Version 2.1 & Version 2.2

Changes between Version 2.1 to 2.2 – March 2022


  • Updated LWG logo now available for brands to use, including black and white versions.

Product Content:

  • Clarified what LWG considers to be a “prominent” amount of material in products that can be labelled using the LWG logo. See Section 6.2.
  • Added exceptions for footwear and watches in the product content, due to the weight of the sole of a shoe and the weight of a watch case. See Section 6.2.

Approval Timelines:

  • Added expected timelines for the approval of claims, varying depending on the complexity of the submission.

Claims Email:

Format of Product Claims

  • Clarified that all product-level claims should be formatted similarly to the membership claims: they should include the LWG logo, URL and claims text. See Section 6.3
  • Added an exception for e-commerce product descriptions where images & links are not possible. See Section 6.3.
Logo resources

LWG members can download the LWG logo in three color formats:

  • full color
  • black
  • white

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