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YKC | Yigit Kaman Consulting Services


Telephone +90 530 886 68 61

Yigit N. Kaman is an environmental engineer with 10 years of experience in leather industry and Masters Degree on Occupational Health & Safety. Yigit has qualifications in Environmental Management Systems, Effluent Treatment Plant Operation, Waste Management and Clean Technologies in Leather Manufacturing. He’s managed projects for recovery of tannery wastes and use of tannery treatment sludge in agriculture in collaboration with Aegean University.

Yigit has worked as Environmental Director and Audits Manager in Turkey and introduced LWG to Turkish Leather Manufacturers by achieving the first LWG Certificate in Turkey in 2016. He is currently focused on consulting tanners on environmental improvement and conducting LWG Audits.

He obtained his IRCA approved ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Lead Auditor Qualification from BSI in 2019 and is an approved LWG Auditor.

Yigit offers his services via Yigit Kaman Consulting (YKC). Get in touch with him directly to discuss his availability.