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ITG GmbH Environmental Technology


Telephone 0049 1768 624 0976

Jutta Knoedler is a Diploma Certificated Engineer in Chemistry, with Thesis on the University of Stuttgart Institute for Water Quality and Waste Management. With more than 28 year's experience and worldwide consultancy work specialising in tannery environmental issues – like wastewater treatment, waste, energy efficiency, chemicals and air emissions - she is working as General Manager in ITG-Environmental Technology GmbH. 

Jutta also works as a tannery sustainability consultant for many national and international organisations like UNIDO, EU (f.e. member of the National Expert Team for BAT-Notes = Best Available Technologies for Tanneries), the Federal Environmental Ministry, Leather associations etc. For that role, she has received several international awards for developing sustainable concepts in tanneries. 

Jutta has worked for many years as a registered Auditor for Energy-Efficiency Audits, for ECO2L-Audits (CO2-emission and Energy for Leather) and for LWG Audits. She is also a member of the LWG “Technical Sub-Group” for ongoing development of the LWG audit protocol.To check Jutta’s availability for an audit, please click the link here to send Jutta an e-mail: