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Catherine Money Consulting


Catherine Money worked for 40 years with Australia’s CSIRO Leather Research Centre. From 1998 to 2005 to she was Officer in Charge.

She worked closely with tanners and helped develop and implement appropriate processes to make tanneries more sustainable. These include short-term preservation, process liquor recycling, hair-saving unhairing, carbon dioxide deliming of full thickness hides and direct chrome liquor recycling.

After the closure of CSIRO Leather Research, she became a consultant and a Leather Working Group Auditor and has continued to write papers and articles about environmental issues. She advocates waste minimisation, the processing of green hides, reuse of liquors, salt minimisation, irrigation of tannery waste water, the use of hair as a fertiliser and the use of renewable energy. To check Catherine's availability for an audit please click the link here to send Catherine an email: