Auditor Information

All LWG audits are carried out by independent auditors who are authorised by Leather Working Group to undertake audits using the LWG Environmental Audit Protocol.

Our auditors are very experienced in their field and work all around the world.

To make contact with them or to arrange an audit, please just click on the name of the auditor you would like from the list below and they will then make contact directly with you.

Barry Wood (Leather) Limited, UK Barry Wood 
Catherine Money Consulting, Australia Catherine Money
Central Leather Consultants, India Samir Gaur
I-T-G GmbH Environment Technology, Germany Jutta Knoedler
BLC Leather Technology Centre Ltd, UK Mark Lucas
Rajush Consulting Services, Australia Raj Rangarajan
RWLS Limited, Thailand Ricky Wilby
CTC Groupe, France Anne-Laure Lepretre

Auditor Bios:

Mark Lucas:

Mark Lucas
Mark Lucas is a registered Environmental Auditor with the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA), of which he also holds Practionioner Membership, and has been an approved LWG Auditor since the group was founded in 2005.  Mark has qualifications in Environmental Management, Leather Technology and Business and has worked in the Leather Industry for 36 years.

Mark serves on various LWG sub-committees including the Technical Sub-Group and the Trader Working Group, and has been instrumental in the development of all the LWG audit based initiatives, i.e. the main Audit Protocol, the Trader Protocol and the Chemical Management Module which is due for release next year.

To check Mark’s availability for an audit please click the link here to send Mark an email:

Samir Gaur:
Samir Gaur

Samir Gaur is seasoned leather professional with more than 32 years of experience, while working with top tanneries in India and abroad. In his illustrious career, he has worked in almost all the critical departments like - Dye house, Color matching, Leather Finishing Department, New product development, Quality, Training, Health & safety, Sourcing &  EMS.

He is also a Qualified Lead Auditor ISO 14001-2004 and expert in Kaizen, 7S, Quality Improvement Process. He is an Associate Member of Business Excellence & Knowledge Management Center for many organizations and was also involved in modernization of tanneries in Africa & Asia.

Samir has associated himself with LWG in 2014, since than he has devoted himself towards environmental awareness and engagement of various tanneries. To check Samir’s availability for an audit, please click the link here to send Samir an email:

Jutta Knoedler:
Jutta Knoedler
Jutta Knoedler is a Diploma Certificated Engineer in Chemistry, with Thesis on the University of Stuttgart Institute for Water Quality and Waste Management. With more than 28 year's experience and worldwide consultancy work specialising in tannery environmental issues – like wastewater treatment, waste, energy efficiency, chemicals and air emissions - she is working as General Manager in ITG-Environmental Technology GmbH.

Jutta also works as a tannery sustainability consultant for many national and international organisations like UNIDO, EU (f.e. member of the National Expert Team for BAT-Notes = Best Available Technologies for Tanneries), the Federal Environmental Ministry, Leather associations etc. For that role, she has received several international awards for developing sustainable concepts in tanneries.

Jutta has worked for many years as a registered Auditor for Energy-Efficiency Audits, for ECO2L-Audits (CO2-emission and Energy for Leather) and for LWG Audits. She is also a member of the LWG “Technical Sub-Group” for ongoing development of the LWG audit protocol.To check Jutta’s availability for an audit, please click the link here to send Jutta an e-mail:

Anne-Laure Lepretre:
Anne-Laure Lepretre

Anne-Laure Leprêtre has been an approved LWG Auditor since beginning of 2016.  Anne-Laure has qualifications in Environmental Management, Leather Technology and has worked in the Leather Industry for 16 years.

Anne-Laure is involved in the development of clean technologies for leather production, on technical training for tannery, tannery audit, process improvement and leather assessment.

Anne-Laure‘s mother language is French. She has an advanced level in English and German and has an intermediate level in Italian.

To check Anne-Laure’s availability for an audit please click the link here to send Anne-Laure an email:

Catherine Money:
Catherine Money

Catherine Money worked for 40 years with Australia’s CSIRO Leather Research Centre. From 1998 to 2005 to she was Officer in Charge.

She worked closely with tanners and helped develop and implement appropriate processes to make tanneries more sustainable. These include short-term preservation, process liquor recycling, hair-saving unhairing, carbon dioxide deliming of full thickness hides and direct chrome liquor recycling.

After the closure of CSIRO Leather Research, she became a consultant and a Leather Working Group Auditor and has continued to write papers and articles about environmental issues. She advocates waste minimisation, the processing of green hides, reuse of liquors, salt minimisation, irrigation of tannery waste water, the use of hair as a fertiliser and the use of renewable energy. To check Catherine's availability for an audit please click the link here to send Catherine an email:

Raj Rangarajan:
Raj Rangarajan

Raj Rangarajan is a qualified leather Technologist with post graduate diploma in Management. Obtained certificate in Basic Shoe Making from Leather Industries Research Institute, South Africa. Worked in tanneries for 39 years with experience in tanning and finishing of Goat, Sheep, Bovine, Buffalo calf, game skins and Camel hides. Specialised in tanning and finishing of automotive upholstery leather for European market and American market. Associated with reputed tanneries in senior management positions at Botswana, South Africa, India, Australia and United Arab Emirates.

Raj is also a qualified Lead Auditor in Environment Management Systems and conducting LWG audits from 2012 in India, China, Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand and Saudi Arabia.

To check Raj’s availability for an audit please click the link here to send Raj an email:

Ricky Wilby:
Ricky Wilby

Ricky Wilby was born in United Kingdom and currently based in South East Asia. He is IRCA Certified ISO14001:2015 Lead Auditor, and is an approved LWG auditor. 

Ricky has qualifications in Leather Technology and Business Management and has worked in the Leather Industry for over 40 years. Ricky’s extensive technical and production experience covers the full range of leather production, from beamhouse processing to finished leather. 

To check Ricky’s availability for an audit please click the link here to send Ricky an email: 

Barry Wood:

Barry Wood has been involved in the leather industry for 40 years (20 year in industry, 13 years with BLC and 10 years as an auditor).  Barry has been involved in production of sheepskin, bovine (shoe, upholstery and auto).  Living in Asia for 9 years has provided a wide range of experience in industrial processing across different cultures.

From 2017 onwards, Barry will be carrying out less direct audits, the reason for this is that the LWG is developing new systems e.g. the Trader Protocol (TP) and the Chemical Management Module (CMM).  These need to be integrated in the LWG environmental and Barry will be assisting with this through training activities and communication aids to be developed for members.  Barry will still be auditing but not as the same level as previously. 

To check Barry’s availability for an audit please click the link here to send Barry an email:


We are currently recruiting auditors

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