LWG Audit Protocol

The environmental auditing protocol and reporting mechanism have been developed and refined during each phase of the project in conjunction with the brand, tanner and supplier members. The protocol is seen as a dynamic improvement tool and is regularly reviewed by the members of the LWG to ensure that it is both challenging but realistic and achievable. It aims to tackle important topical issues, and reflect improvements or changes of technology within the sector.

Protocol 6.5 is launched!

We are pleased to announce the launch of Protocol P.6.5.0 which is available to use from 7th April 2017.  The existing protocol, P6.4.1 is still available to be audited against until 1st October 2017 when P6.5 will become mandatory.

LWG ENVIRONMENTAL STEWARDSHIP PROTOCOL 6.5.1 (19TH APRIL 2017) which is now live and will become mandatory from 1st October 2017

A detailed explanation of the key changes from P6.4.1 to P6.5.0 will be published soon but in the meantime please click here for a summary:  P6.5 update presentation 2017.pdf


LWG ENVIRONMENTAL STEWARDSHIP PROTOCOL 6.4.1 (4TH AUGUST 2016) which is now live and available until 1st October 2017



Translations of the LWG Protocol - For Reference Only:

The following translations are intended as guide documents to assist in audit preparation for that region.  Please note that audits are always conducted using the English Language version of Protocol 6.4.1.  Please click the links below for the translated documents:

Guidance Notes:

PROTOCOL 6 Guidance Notes (GN)
GN Section 2 q3  English  Chinese
GN Section 3 (v3) English  Chinese
GN Section 3 q3 & q4 English Chinese
GN Section 3 q4  English  Chinese
GN Section 3 q14 (v2) English  Chinese
GN Section 3 q 16 (v3) English  Chinese
GN Section 4 q2 English  Chinese
GN Section 5 q3 English  Chinese
GN Section 5 q4 English  Chinese
GN Section 5 q5 English  Chinese
GN Section 5 q6 English  Chinese
GN Section 5 q7 English  Chinese
GN Section 7  English  Chinese
GN Section 9 q9  English  Chinese
GN Section 9 q19  English  Chinese
GN Section 9 q20  English  Chinese
GN Section 12 q12,13 English  Chinese
GN Section 13  English  Chinese

LWG Pre-Audit Check List

LWG Audit Peer Review Process 

Guidance Note for Hide Traceability-part processed wet blue/wet white including a sample letter to raw material suppliers

Guidance Note for Hide Traceability to the slaughterhouse

Guidance Note for Hide Traceability - suppliers of splits including a sample letter to suppliers of splits

Guidance Note for Water Extraction Licences in Taiwan

Guidance Note for Multi-Site Audits

Process for dealing with a discharge violation or allegation made by an NGO





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