LWG Progress

The Leather Working Group is now in its 11th year of operation and is considered by many as one of the most positive pro-active programs initiated by the industry. It balances the needs of the leather supply chain and the end user and creates a positive forum for discussion about improvements and direction for the leather manufacturing sector.

In 11 years it has succeeded in developing and implementing an environmental stewardship protocol and successfully auditing over 25% of the footwear leather supply chain, representing over 3.1 billion square feet of leather - a little over 14% of global leather production.
Currently there are over a 220 leather manufacturing member companies from 21 different countries participating in the program. 

The group is seeking to augment the environmental auditing process to cover more of the industry's needs. These include

  • The development of a trader protocol to involve those within the industry that trade semi-processed material such as wet blue or splits
  • A review of the challenges associated with the discharge of effluent by leather manufacturers to Municipal and Common Effluent Treatment Plants (METP,CETP)
  • A more in depth review of the chemicals used within our industry and they way they are handled, selected and stored via a new Chemical Management Module (CMM)
  • Developing a better understanding for the members of Animal Welfare processes, management and issues within the leather supply chain via an Animal Welfare working group
The LWG has a good understanding of the industry challenges and tries where practicable to address these via the audit tool.



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