Chemical Management Module

The LWG chemical management Module (CMM) is a voluntary additional module to the main LWG Audit Protocol.  The development of this module has been driven by the desire of LWG members to improve chemical handling safety and the emergence of the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemistry (ZDHC) programme.

The chemical management element of the CMM will help leather manufacturers better prepare for changes that will affect them if they are supplying brands that are involved in the ZDHC programme.  It is anticipated that this new module will take an additional day on site and therefore auditees will need to take this into consideration and prepare accordingly.

The auditors who are currently available for CMM audits are Mark Lucas, Jutta Knoedler and Barry Wood.  Please contact them in the usual way from the auditor's page if you would like to discuss a CMM audit.

Please Note:  If your main LWG audit renewal falls within the next 12 months (i.e. before 1st April 2018) you must wait until your audit renewal date to add the CMM module.  If your renewal date for your next main audit is after 1st April 2018 you may elect to have a standalone CMM audit carried out.

It is anticipated that when the next major Protocol update is launched (P.7), the CMM will be incorporated into the main audit protocol.  This is not likely to be introduced before the end of 2018 at the earliest.

Guidance and Support Documentation:

Best Practice Document - App. 1 Chemical Supplier Acknowledgement V1.pdf 

Best Practice Document - Leather Supplier MRSL Guidance on Compliance V1.pdf 

Best Practice Document - Understanding MRSL Worksheet V1.pdf 

ZDHC MRSL v1.1.pdf

Before using the guidance documents below, please check with your Chemical Supplier to establish whether they have their own verification procedure in place. 
In the absence of a Supplier's own procedure please use the documents below for guidance:

Best Practice Document - App. 2 - Chemical Supplier Verification V1.pdf

Best Practice Document - App. 3 - Leather Supplier Verification V1.pdf

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