Award Structures

From the beginning the concept of the LWG was to create an environmental assessment tool that would encourage improvement through measurement. The protocol provides a framework of scoring structures that reward good environmental practice. This scoring system enables leather manufacturers to assess themselves against best practice and through benchmarking with themselves and their peers.

The scoring system enables those that perform better to achieve higher awards to reflect their extra effort in managing environmental stewardship. Those that score well can achieve Gold, Silver and Bronze ratings. These ratings are then published (voluntarily) on the LWG web-site.

The LWG recognises that not all production plants can be new and heaviliy invested and that many leather manufacturers have older facilities and equipment. However, the LWG does expect these facilities to be clean, tidy and well maintained, with clear walkways and well managed and stored inventories.

Many brands and end users use this list as a sourcing tool to select preferred suppliers from the medal rated tanneries.

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